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Completed Research Grants

  1. SFI Principal Investigator Grant 2012 “Growth, Oriented Attachment and Large Scale Vertical Assembly of Ternary and Quaternary Semiconductor Nanorods for Low Cost Photovoltaics (11PI-1148)
  2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies Centre (PMTC) “Pharmaceutical Packaging Technologies for product traceability, utility and integrity protection”
  3. IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Scheme PhD Studentship with Intel Ireland “Advanced Electrical and Structural Characterization of Strained Semiconductor Nanowires Synthesized by Self Seeded Processes in Solution”
  4. IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Scheme PhD Studentship with Intel Ireland “Investigation of Cu15Si4 Nanowires as a replacement for copper Interconnects”
  5. EU 7th Framework, FP7-2011-GC-ELECTROCHEMICAL-STORAGE, Single Stage, Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Low Cost GREENerLi-ION Batteries (GREENLION);
  6. EU 7th Framework, FP7-NMP-2011-SME-5, Two Stage, Label Free Nanoscopy Using Infra Red.( LANIR): 280804-1 LANIR CP-TP,
  7.  HEA Cycle 5, INSPIRE Graduate programme in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 1 PhD student 4 years + consumables
  8. SFI Travel Grant (Ajay)
  9. IRCSET EMBARK PhD Fellowship Synthetic Routes for Semiconductor Nanorods of High Elemental Abundance and Low Toxicity for Integration into Low Cost solar cells
  10. IRCSET, Enterprise Partnership INTEL Ireland, ,Modulation of Surface Roughness on Silicon Wafers for Controlled and Localised Growth of Non Seeded Silicon Nanowires, PhD fellowship,
  11. SFI, TIDA, 06/IN.1/I85 TIDA Feasibility 10, Assemblies of Nanocrystal Encrusted Carbon Spheres for Low-Cost and Wear-Resistant Superhydrophobic Coatings, 2010-2011, PI.
  12. SFI, Travel Grant, 06/IN.1/185STTF09, Atom Probing of Non-seeded Semiconductor Nanowires, 2009
  13. National Access Programme (Tyndal) NAP 205 “E-Beam channels for nanorod alignment”  SFI, National Access Programme, NAP 89, Lithographic Patterning of Trench devices on a Conducting Substrates for Perpendicular Semiconductor-Nanorod Assembly
  14. IRCSET, EMBARK, Investigation of Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Nanorod Superlattices,
  15. Strategic Research Cluster “Biomimetic materials for advanced solar energy conversion” [ PI’s : UCD (11), UL (3), DCU (2)]
  16. SFI Principal Investigator Grant 2011 “Electric field Assembly of Semiconductor Nanorod Superlattices on-Chip”
  17. EMBARK Postdoctoral Researcher 2 years
  18. Enterprise Ireland Proof of Concep “Method of forming Interdigitated Nanorod Arrays for Solar Cell Applications”
  19. IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Intel Ireland PhD Studentship ‘Multicomponent Attachment to II-VI Nanorods and their Hierarchical Assembly’
  20. EU Marie Curie Outgoing and Return Fellowship