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IRC Laureate (MACNAS)

Multimodal Assembly of Colloidal Nanocrystals in Periodic and Addressable Superstructures (MACNAS)

This IRC Consolidator Laureate Award  Start date Sept 18 to Prof Kevin M Ryan is funded by the Irish Research Council for 4 Years with a focus on electrophoretic deposition of complex nanocrystal architectures.

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Team Members , Prof Kevin M Ryan, Nilotpal Kapuria, Saikat Bhowmick


Nilotpal Kapuri


Saikat Bhowmick

Saikat Bhowmick



 Objectives1.   Achieve complete control of the nanocrystal modular unit needed for MACNAS assembly
2.   Develop a complete experimental and theoretical model for NC assembly from non-polar solutions under electric fields (both DC and AC)
3.   Demonstrate optical and electrical addressability of novel nanorod architectures.