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Niraj Patil’s Award-Winning Research: Engineering Polymorphs in Colloidal Metal Dichalcogenides for Promising Electrochemical Activity (MATSUS23)

From March 6th to March 10th, Valencia, Spain hosted the Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MATSUS). The conference aimed to bring together scientists and technologists working on advanced materials to find solutions to society’s most pressing issues in areas such as clean energy transition, sustainable chemistry and circularity, photovoltaics, and green vehicles.

Niraj Patil, a Nanotechnology Research Group PhD candidate, presented his research at Matsus23 through both a poster and an oral presentation. Patil’s poster was awarded the prestigious ACS Energy Letters Best Poster Prize. Congratulations to Patil on this outstanding achievement!

Link: nanoGe – MATSUS23 – Home