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Si-Drive Project


Si-Drive is a H2020 funded consortium of 16 partners coordinated by University of Limerick starting in 2019   to deliver the next generation of super-high specific energy Li-ion batteries for automotive applications. The technology relies on cutting edge materials components at the anode (ultra-lightweight Si active material), electrolyte (safe, stable ionic liquids) and cathodes (Co-free Li-rich cathodes with high specific capacity and high voltage). Combination and optimization of these novel materials will allow the preparation of Li-ion batteries with i) high energy density, ii) long cycle life, iii) fast charging ,iv) improved safety, v) lower cost and high supply certainty. Furthermore, material recycling and circular economy will be considered from the outset for this chemistry, through the development of modular prototype cells allowing not only recovery of materials but also deployment in stationary storage applications for 2nd life (and beyond).

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